Retrofit Telecom Cabinets

  Why Retrofit?

  • Datacom Solutions provides an effective Cost Saving way to revitalize existing Cabinets and OSP Infrastructure to deploy higher bandwidth, next-generation services.
  • Retrofitting existing Cabinets saves Telco’s 60 to 75% in Cost vs New Cabinet Deployments
  • Use existing Cabinet, existing OSP Plant, AC Service, Cross Box, Fiber, Etc.
  • Cabinets have a long lifespan, much longer than equipment.  Existing cabinets continue to serve their purpose with newly updated Broadband Equipment, Power System, and Cooling.
  • Faster Time to market, leveraging  existing infrastructure enables fast market delivery of new services
  • Upgrade existing Power Systems with New High Efficiency technology greatly decreases utility cost
  • Recoup Cost by re-selling  decommissioned Legacy Equipment

DataCom Retrofit Services

  • DataCom insures cost savings & fast turn-around on deployments by assisting from start to finish
  • Successfully Retrofitted hundreds of OSP Cabinets
  • Full Turn-Key – Installation, cutovers, turn-up, test and node insertions
  • Vast Cutover Experience: Special Circuits, SONET, Ethernet, POTS, ADSL, VDSL & Video
  • Cut Cost and time by deploying multiple temp cabinets at multiple sites in an area
  • Perform Quality Audit Reports upon site completions
  • Highly experienced staff of Technicians and Project Managers
  • Certified Technicians : Adtran, Calix, Cisco and 77350
  • Datacom has all the right tools
  • Temp Trailers, Temp Cabinets, Crane Trucks
  • Test Equipment – Fiber, Copper, Grounding
  • Safety Equipment
  • OSP Splicing Tools

Site Survey & Ground Audit

  • DataCom will evaluate existing cabinets and provide applicable Retrofit Solutions
  •  Site Survey & Ground Ring Audit performed at no cost
  •  Reports include pictures and retrofit solution details & Ground Ring Test Results.
  •  Next-Generation Equipment capacity evaluated
  •  Power Requirements evaluated
  •  Cooling Requirements evaluated
  •  Customized Retrofit Install Material & Equipment List generation
  •  Estimated Retrofit Cost per site
  •  Excellent for planning and engineering stages
  •  Evaluate Legacy equipment for pricing and re-sell. (optional)

Power Requirements

  •  DataCom provides Power System Upgrade Solutions
  •  Replace old power rectifier systems with New Energy Efficient Technology
  •  New High Efficiency Compact Rectifier Systems greatly reduce energy cost
  •  Reduction in cabinet thermals, provides for a cooler environment
  •  Easily increase rectifier amperage capacity
  •  Monitor Cabinet power plant remotely
  •  Battery plant replacement
  •  AC requirements and Load Center evaluation

Resale Legacy Equipment (Optional Re-sell Service)

  •  Recoup Cost by re-selling  decommissioned Legacy Equipment
  •  Generate Legacy Inventory Reports per cabinet at no cost
  •  Inventory Report can also be used to identify spares needed kept in-house
  •  Generate pricing list for resell
  •  Useful for planning and budgeting stages
  •  Turn-key – Remove, package, ship, sale

DataCom Retrofit Summary

  •  Quick & Cost Effective way to deploy Next-Generations Services
  •  Site Survey and Ground Audit at No Cost
  •  Plan and Budget with No Upfront Cost
  •  Customized Retrofit Solutions & Estimated Cost
  •  Extend lifespan on existing Cabinets and OSP Infrastructure
  •  Professional  Staff of Engineers, Technicians & Project Managers
  •  Quality Assured Retrofit Deployments Methods
  •  Efficiently deploy multiple sites in an area
  •  Recoup Retrofit Cost with optional Legacy Equipment Re-sale Program