Central Office Installation

It takes more than know-how and money to install or upgrade an existing central office.  Network Equipment is what goes into a telecommunications carrier’s network and that can include the Central Office or be part of an Outside Plant infrastructure.  Standards were developed with the intent to make it easier for a vendor to design compatible equipment.  These standards evolved into the “NEBS Criteria.”

In addition to following these standard criteria, each telecommunications carrier may also have additional unique requirements.  To begin any installation or upgrade, the first step is Planning.

As a part of the planning process it is important to remember that ‘Size Does Matter’.  It’s our job at DataCom Solutions, Inc. to conform to existing Central Office space when we design network equipment.  Spatial requirements help to maximize space to avoid costly facility modifications. 

Power Entry is another consideration in design.  Network equipment is powered by -48 Vdc derived from the public AC supply that is converted into a low voltage, direct current supply for safe operation.  Having an intentional path for current to flow while considering how surge currents are returned is important in Grounding design.  Guidelines have been developed to avoid equipment damage and malfunction because of lightning, power fault conditions, electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transient, and electromagnetic interference.  Also to help establish that equipment will not become a fire or electrical safety hazard, Cooling objectives must be maintained. Most modern networks will go the route of forced-air fans to avoid the increased power consumption.  If using forced-air fan filters must meet industry specifications for dust arrestance, fire safety, and air bypass.  Fire resistance must be tested first and rigorously. Proper material selection is key to a successful fire resistant design.  Another potential design trouble spot is EMC.   Using proper component placement, proper multi-layer stack up, and early as well as on-going EMC design reviews are few of the standards in place to protect the network.  Testing for stability in the event of Seismic activity is a requirement of properly functioning equipment.  “The equipment shall sustain operation without replacement of components, manual rebooting, or human intervention,” after a Zone 4 seismic event is the industry standard requirement in the GR-63 Core document.

In conclusion, we have the experience, the knowledge and patience to insure that planning, designing, installing and testing of your new central office will be successful. Call us at 870-856-6303 to discuss your install or upgrade.