Adtran Total Access 1500 TTL RCH DDS-DP PRF 1180105L2

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This listing is for 1(one) ADTRAN -1180105L2-TA 1500 TTL RCH DDS-DP PRF OPT.
Manufacturer: ADTRAN
Part No. 1180105L2 / VAL2JGAAAA

For use in Total Access 1500 integrated access devices.  Extended range Digital Data Services (DDA) application using 2-wire technology
and supporting standard rates up to 64k and SW 56.  Provides span-powering for remote DDS-R termination unit, which is located up
to 50 kft at the customer premises.


  • Extended range OCU DP
  • 50 kft range
  • All standard rates to 56 kbps with or without secondary channel
  • 64 kbps clear channel
  • 2-wire deployment
  • Repeaterless operation
  • Bridged tap tolerant
  • Span power for remote DDS-R termination unit
  • Utilization in all Total Access 1500 and SLC-96 Mode I, II, and III remote terminal applications
  • Logic level test access; non-intrusive receive monitoring capability
  • Loop Quality Monitor and A/B signaling options
  • Embedded Digital System 6 capabilities for remote provisioning, configuration, and performance monitoring
  • Provisioning via DB-9 craft interface on Total Access 1500 SCU
  • Bidirectional loopback during OCU loopback
  • Protected Loopback eliminates false latching loopback occurrences
  • Supports DDS latching loopback standard T1E1.2/99-007R1
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